Membership Information

There are two forms of membership in the Twentieth Legion:  Active Membership and Associate Membership.

        Active Members are those who have gone through our little approval process and paid dues so that they can participate at public events as full members of SPQR.  The approval process is a sort of interview to make certain that the prospective member understands our goals and corporate structure, and that he or she is willing to abide by our Bylaws and Philosophy.  It's not as formal as it sounds, but we do want to be sure that no one joins if he or she does not want to do the same sort of things we do, and in the same way.  We also don't tend to grant Active Membership to people who live great distances from the Tucson, AZ area, simply because it would be difficult for them to attend events, and difficult for us to keep tabs on their progress and give help when needed.

        Associate Members, also known as subscribers, "E-mailing List", "mailing list", etc., includes everyone else who subscribes to the newsletter, Avette Caesar!, whether they are a reenactor or not.  Associate membership is available to anyone, and there are no requirements other than letting the Founder know where you want your newsletter sent.  Benefits include getting the newsletter, being able to pick the Founder's brains for information and opinions on most any aspect of the hobby, and being welcome at the Legion's non-public events such as workshops and parties. On the other hand, Associates must pay any admission charge if they wish to attend most of our public events as spectators, since they cannot participate as full members.

       As an active member of the Legion, there are three things you need to do to participate at any event:
       1.  FIND OUT--Read the newsletter and stay in touch with the Founder and other members to keep informed of upcoming events;
       2.  TELL THE Founder, or event contact if you plan to attend, or if you're a "maybe"; and
       3.  GET THERE--Carpools or convoys can be arranged.
       This means that participation is UP TO YOU.  The Founder will do all he can to get the information to the members, but will usually not call around to determine everyone's plans. PLEASE contact him as soon as you have an idea of what your plans are.  Some sites require pre-registration of all participants, and showing up unannounced may cause administrative problems (even if we are happy to see you).
       Also, if you had planned to attend but are unexpectedly prevented, try to contact the Founder, another member, or the host site.

What to Bring
       Obviously, bring all of your kit that you will need.  If you are in the habit of forgetting essential items, type up a "master list" and stick it on your refrigerator or other obvious place.  Feel free to bring new items that need to be approved by the Founder (sword inspection, etc.) but be prepared for rejection.  Make arrangements AHEAD OF TIME to borrow swords etc..
       Some members wear their Roman clothes while travelling to and from an event or meeting, others prefer to wear modern clothes.  You will often be able to change in a tent or bathroom, but not always (although it is posible to change into a tunic fairly decently in public).  Dry shoes and socks can make a long drive home much more tolerable.
       At overnight events members may sleep in tents. Modern bedding (sleeping bags, mattresses, etc) is permitted. Borrowing a house of a friend is also permitted, but make sure to make arrangements beforehand!

On Site
       When you arrive at the site be sure to register if necessary, and park your vehicle ONLY in spaces allotted for participants.  All site rules, no matter how bureaucratic or unnecessary they may seem, must be strictly followed, to avoid causing trouble for SPQR.
       SPQR usually provides lunch of "campaign rations", including hardtack, bread, cheese, fruit, peas or lentils, and sometimes meat or other cooked food.  Modern food and drink might be available from vendors, but may not be brought into the display area during public hours.  Lunch is also provided for civilians, usually more varied and appetizing.  (Soldiers are NOT to pester the civilians by mooching food from them!)  At overnight events, breakfast includes coffee, tea, cereal, oatmeal, painkillers, etc.  Dinner is usually not provided.  Food is generally not provided to Active or Associate members who attend an event as spectators, or with another organization.
       As a participant you will be expected to help in maintaining the camp or display area, tending the fire, fetching supplies or water, and especially interacting with the public.  There may be all sorts of fascinating things to see at the event, but please spend the bulk of your time with SPQR, and check with the Founder before wandering off.  Be aware of the day's schedule so as not to miss any planned activities.
       Your help is also needed to pack up the camp and display after closing.  Be sure to return any borrowed gear (or make arrangements to do so) in as good a condition as when you borrowed it, or better.


       NO children under the age of 7 may attend workshops.  Children 7 and over may attend IF they can quietly entertain themselves for 3-5 hours or more.   Workshops are intended to provide members and potential members with the opportunity to make equipment and share knowledge.  There is no one available at the workshops to babysit.  The parent is responsible for his/her child at all times.  Any child who is disruptive will have to be removed, and the parent will be asked to make other arrangments in the future.  We do have parties that the families are welcome to attend; the workshops, however, are not parties.

       NO children may accompany anyone who is participating in an event without prior appoval of the Founder.  NO MILITARY participant can bring a child that he will be responsible for:  it would not be authentic.

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