This downloads section is for if you want to join, it gives you a chance to download all the forms you need to send into me to join. At this point in time, you need to print out all the forms and snail mail them to me, sorry for this inconvenience. First e-mail me and tell me that you are interested in joining, and then I will give you my snail mail address. The reason for having you snail mail them to me is because of the waiver. I need a signed copy of one. Well everything below is what you need to download, read, understand, sign, fill out, or all of them. At this point, you have to right click and hit "Save File As...", or, if you are a Netscape user, "Save Link As..."

The SPQR Waiver (for participants OVER 18)
The Class Test of SPQR
The Membership Application for SPQR
The Roman Marching Drill (ONLY FOR MILITARY MEMBERS)
The SPQR Waiver (for participants UNDER 18)
The Newest Version of the SPQR Rules

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