Background Information

SPQR was created by myself, Taylor Genovese, and my friend and co-founder, Bryan Carrillo. I had an idea that people should be able to choose what they want to reenact. I have thought up a list of "careers" that you can be, these are in the rules. The rules can be downloaded off this website at the downloads section. But, another neat thing that you can do, is that if a career that you want to be isn't on the list, and is Roman related, you can tell me and I will (if acceptable) add it.
    Before you join, you also have to take a "Class Test" to see how much you know about the Roman Empire. There is one trick question on it. The Class Test is merely to test your knowledge of the Roman Empire and place you in a class, nothing more. There is also a $10 annual fee. This is just so a poor reenactment can afford a vexillum and food for feasts. So, your money goes back to you! Donations would be great and if it is more than $10 it will pay for your annual fee, plus "brownie points" towards promotions =).

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