SPQR-Roman Reenacting
The Nova Roman "Gold SPQR in a gold wreath on a crimson field" flag is a use-protected trademark of Nova Roma and is used with permission.

SPQR Roman Reenacting was created in 2000. My name is Taylor Genovese, my reenacting name is Titus Decimus Romulus.  SPQR was made so that men, women, and children could reenact Roman times. But SPQR is unique because people can PICK what they want to be. From senators to gladiators to the army. We try to be authentic, but we understand how hard it is to afford equipment, especially miltary equipment. But, if you would like to be in the army, you can't wear anything that is not Roman. The same rule applies with any other career. SPQR is based in Tucson, AZ and we desperatly need members. If you are in another state and would like to create an SPQR in your community, contact me and I will give you information. If you would like to contact me over instant messagers, I have several:

AIM handle: SPQR Founder
ICQ #: 97174327
MSN Messanger Address: vegeta_42586@hotmail.com

Look around the site if you are interested, e-mail me, enjoy!!

Even more information (such as whatever is not online yet) may be obtained by contacting the Commander/Founder:  Taylor Genovese (Titus). E-mail: SPQR_Founder@hotmail.com. If you are interested, I will give you my address and/or phone number. Check back often for the latest updates, and let me know what else you want to see on this site!


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Some of the information and setup is from the help of Matthew Amt of the Legio XX. Bene Facis Quintus!!