Avette Caesar!
Editor: Titus Decimus Romulus
Volume 1 Issue 2

First of all, Merry Christmas SPQR! I hope everyone had a joyful Christmas and got what they wanted. Well, SPQR is up again after about 4 months of undevelopment. I have now made a website for SPQR!! Please everyone go to http://spqr.webalias.com and check out that, tell me what you think. Also, we are in desperate need of submissions. NExt, I have something REALLY REALLY REALLY important, taxes are banned and now I am just doing a $10 a year. No more of that $5 bi-weekly crap. I ma switching to $10 a year. Any questions can be clarified by Titus. Please members, don't you want to talk to the other members, do it through the newsletter! Submit all submissions to Titus. Thanks! Happy New Year!
-Titus Decimus Romulus, General of the Legio VI Ferrata

A Word from Caesar

Hail Citizens. Your Caesar is calling on you to donate money. The Empire needs funds to fuel the weapons of war! We must collect donations to build and service weapons and armor. Remember, every donation counts, and all the money is SPQR.
-Caesar, Imperator of Rome

Military Update

We need someone in the military to become signifier! This is a great honor in the military, but will need some thought. Whoever wants to be signifier will have to have a wolf skin. I am making the Signum and Vexillum now. But right now, I only want one signifier. Contact me if you would like to become the signifier and what you need to do. Thanks, and good luck!
-Titus Decimus Romulus, General of the Legio VI Ferrata

Calender of Events

The following are NOT positive. So don't plan anything until it is all the way positive.

February 10..............Fighter's Training (Quinuts's House)
February 24..............SPQR Workshop (Titus's/Apuleius's House)