Avette Caesar!
Editor: Titus Decimus Romulus
Volume 1 Issue 1

Welcome to SPQR! This is the first official newsletter of SPQR and its named 'Avette Caesar!', which in Latin means "Hail Caesar!". SPQR is now up to two members, excluding the founder and co-founder. The members are:

Quintus Darius Postomus (Bryan McGuire)
Apuleius Macer Romulus (Mark Thurman)

A Word from the Founder

First of all, I would like to clear up a few things. Number One, SPQR is a reenactment group that is safe. Therefore, we do not use real swords. We use PVC pipe with swimming noodles taped or glued around the pipe. Only myself and Quintus are training with real swords. Number Two, taxes. Taxes are not always five dollars. Especially in the beginning, it is going to be much lower than five dollars. If you have any questions at all contact me personally, or, e-mail me at SPQR_Founder@hotmail.com. Hail Caesar!
-Titus Decimus Romulus, General of the Legio VI Ferrata

Writing in Avette Caesar!

If you would like to write in the Avette Caesar! Please contact Titus Decimus Romulus. Submissions are needed badly. If you have something to say to the members of SPQR, submit it to Titus Decimus Romulus. Thank you!

Calendar of Events

The following are NOT positive, so do not plan anything until the official notice is sent out!
October 21................Fighter's Practice (Quinut's House)
October 28................The October Workshop (Titus's House)
November 25...............The Winter Feast (Purple Heart Park)